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"I can’t tell you how meaningful it was speaking to a social worker who understood… they provided a listening ear and were able to understand how tough the job is"

The Social Work Professional Support Service is designed by and for social workers to support, and be supported by, colleagues across the profession.

This free service offers an essential space for social workers at any stage of their career to talk through personal and professional challenges and to find solutions and ways forward, supported by a volunteer coach who is also a social worker.

The SWPSS can be accessed by registering to book a slot with a trained volunteer coach. During your sessions, you will be encouraged to debrief, reflect, problem solve and think about what you may need to support you in your practice.

The Social Work Professional Support Service offers an opportunity for:


to explore experiences, issues and emotions that have arisen during practice


to help explore behaviours and beliefs


in thinking about best practice guidance, career developments and working with other organisations, agencies, and frameworks

How do I apply to become a volunteer coach?

Would you like to develop and learn new skills as part of your continuous professional development, and share your compassion and expertise with other social workers who need it? Social Workers can apply to become a volunteer coach for the Social Work Professional Support Service (SWPSS). You will receive full induction and training upon acceptance, including ongoing formal supervision and creation of a reflective record for CPD portfolios.

If this sounds like you, please drop us a line at and we’ll have a chat with you.